Picture 10-6When Victor and I got together for lunch today the topic of paying musicians for playing at your church came up. I have swung both ways when it comes to this topic. There are “certain large churches” in So Cal who pay their players and there is ZERO community involved before or after the service. You can tell from a mile away that they might be “great musicians” but there is no heart in it. There are also “certain large churches” in So Cal who pay their players and the band is tight and VISIBLY in tune with their Creator during the worship set.

I guess I am more concerned for the individual player. I have seen SO MANY great guys end up “gigging” for the local church scene. One Sunday this church. the next Sunday that church. There is just something in my gut that gets nauseated by that thought. I think it is because I have seen so many lose a sense of community while gigging and soon grow a great distaste for the church.

I love my band. I would cut off my left hand for them. But every time a “session” player comes and sits in with us they always comment on the community we have and the authentic relationships on the team. Almost shocked that we can sound that good and actually pray for each other after the set is over. Hmmmmm.

So. All this to say, I don’t know if there is a right or wrong answer. It might just have to do with your individual church. Maybe there is room for real community in a large, paid, session player environment. Maybe the need for community is something I am over rating.
I don’t know. I’m just asking.