Have you ever installed a large program only to use just one of its features? I’m a big fan of programs that only do one thing, but does it well. The following are my favorite “single purpose” OS X apps.

  1. iWillQuit – a timer to put your Mac to sleep or shut it off
  2. Namely – the fastest program launcher out there
  3. Fob – a countdown program
  4. Pic2Icon – convert pictures to icons
  5. Burn – open source cd/dvd burning program
  6. Address Book to CSV Exporter – export your address book to a gmail compatible CSV file
  7. Think – limits your attention to one application at a time
  8. webPM – a password manager
  9. SetAlphaValue – an extension to set transparency in Cocoa apps – an alternative to Think (#6 above)
  10. Finder Browser – quickly view images in a folder

Anyone used any of these?