I am about to embark on another major piece of flesh drawing. And the process is going to be an intense one. I am excited to take you on the journey of my next tattoo. It begins Tuesday.
But before we begin this mini series, I want to know a bit about the ink that you are sporting. We all have the embarrassing piece of horrible ink we thought was a good idea late one Friday night. Like the image of my ankle below.
Photo 670
Yes. I am sporting the Christian fish thingy. Left ankle. 1993. Little 5 Points. Me and Double 3 and a head full of Christianese. But I will forever sport it in the spirit of not wanting to forget how lame I once was.

On my right wrist, Saint Andrews Cross/Logo of St. Andrew’s Abbey in Valyermo, CA. That place has a piece of my soul. I am down with with lots of the monks there. And Abbot Francis stretches my mind in many ways.
On my left forearm is the word “Pray” in Korean. I got it when I found out that adopting Losiah was actually going to happen. It is the weakest of my spiritual disciplines. And a post it note was not working.
Photo 668

So. Fess up. Who has a Tweety Bird? A tribal band? Who has the tramp stamp? What are you proud of? What are you not?
What’s your tattoo?