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Introducing Hide-a-Pod
You love your iPod. It’s a great product. You take it everywhere and you use it every day. But owning a device so desirable and fashionable as an iPod comes with one major drawback . . . the iPod has become a target for theft. So how can you take your iPod out of your home without fear?

It’s really very simple. Just tell us what iPod model you want to protect and we provide a gutted and hinged Zune with our custom molded iPod casing adapter. We also include a custom cable from the Zune’s controls (see FAQ) and audio output jack that you simply plug into your iPod. No iPod modifications are necessary.

Now iPhone Ready
So you have a shiny new iPhone? It needs protection too. After all, you stood in line for days to get your iPhone. It would be a tragedy to lose your precious device in a only a few seconds.

But there’s no need to be concerned, because Hide-a-Pod is ready to serve. Just pop your iPhone inside for instant protection. Just like the iPod version, you connect one simple cable and you’ll still have access to all the great features of your device. And just think, for the first time the Zune will have Wifi that is actually useful.

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