Photo 107

Now to break the news to you guys. I know you are all dying to see the ink I have been given. And given graciously by one of the WORLD’S BEST ARTIST’S Hannah Aitchison. And you know I am all about bringing you guys on the journey. That is what this place is about. But the LA Ink show had me sign a waiver/document/they will sue me and take my children from me piece of paper saying that I will in no way shape or form display my tattoo or anything inside of the shop online until my episode airs. They want total marketing of the show. Which leaves us with few choices here.
A. Come hang out with me on a Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday.
B. iChat Video. You will have to get over your fear of meeting real people over the internet. I will show you there. Or go to your local Apple store and use one of their Macs. My AIM screen name is “loswhit”.
C. Be so convincing that I actually email you a photo with all the trust in the world that you will delete it after you see it. Don’t get your feeling hurt if I say no. I said no to my grandma.
D. 15 G’s.

So. log onto iChat. Hit me up. 12 of you have already done it. I have no problem being a circus freak show.
But seriously. This might be the baddest tat on the planet.
And it is only half way done.