OK. The anticipation can be let go now.
Yes. I have been contacted by the producers of LA Ink to let me know that they have selected me to be inked on the show. Needless to say I am pretty excited.
Here is how it works.
Hannah Aitchison is one of the 4 artists to be featured on the show. She is the one that chose my artwork. In order to actually have any shot of making it on the show you pretty much have to be open to any artist doing your work. Of’ course I would have loved for Kat Von D to do my tat but either way I am pumped that Hannah is doing it. Hannahs work is AMAZING. She is pretty much THE artist to go to in the midwest. She is from Chicago and has a waiting list over a year long. Here is some of her work.
Alice CooperAngel Portrait
Tie N Xwing BattleVegashell
Dread Girl PortraitEnchantress1

I will just have to settle for being in the chair next to Kat for 8 hours. Because Hannah is amazing.
Yes you heard right.
8 hours.
That is how long Hannah thinks it will take to do that work.
So I have paid my deposit and they have some of my money now.
Next I am waiting for the appointment director to call me. Bianca, the producer, told me that she thinks I will be scheduled as soon as WEDNESDAY!!! Or for sure in the next 2 weeks. But this is “reality television” so I will just be patient.
Either way I am fairly excited.
They love the music pastor/ plays in a “rock band” /loses 40 lbs/ adopts his son from Korea spin.
How could they resist. I live my life as if I am on my own reality show anyways. So it’s a win for them. Ha!
So now to be patient.

There you have it.
Stay tuned for images of my artwork and some more “news”.

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