Photo 789
So Hilary, the producer working with me, just emailed me over like 50000 consent forms. I spent about an hour reading and signing more docs than I did to secure my mortgage. This whole reality TV thing is crazy. And I am only on for 15 minutes of one episode. I am sure you have to basically sell your soul to the devil in order to participate on something like Survivor or The Amazing Race.
Hilary and I just spent half an hour on the phone trying to nail down the original location of the artwork I am getting. Since it is so old we are pretty free in using it but they have to check every corner of the internet in order to avoid lawsuits and the works.
Photo 790I was able to get a bit more into detail as to how I want the artwork to sit on my arm. The conversation came up that my arm may be too small to get it all in a half sleeve so I just told them to use whatever skin was needed in order for me to tell my story of Saul and his conversion into one of Christ’s most dynamic messengers.
She said…”OK. GREAT!!!”
Sorry mom.
More later…