So I am a mere 48 hours away from getting my artwork done. I really hope this all works out. The closer I get, the closer I feel like they are going to shut the show down or something.
OK. So in one of the earlier updates you got a peek. Here is the artwork that is going to be impressed/carved/needled on my right arm.

These are both different depictions of Saul’s conversion. I am taking the clouds and the sky from the top image and using the actual people and horses from the bottom image. So most of the art will come from the bottom image.
The book it is taken out of is called Die Bibel in Bildern from the late 1700’s. It is a collection of work done by Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld, a German painter. He did AMAZING wood cuts and pencil drawings of biblical illustrations as well which lends well to tattoo art.