Pull back your machine guns. This post is NOT about how great my new iPhone is.
That is for tomorrow.
For today I want to show you an iFriend that i made through my iPhone.
Ragamuffins, meet Peter.
Peter was sitting at the table next to me at Starbucks this morning (yes I am still fasting) for no longer than 30 seconds before he stated in his strong South African accent…”‘Excuse me sir. Is that the iPhone?” “May I please?”
To which I handed him over the phone and he immediately started the typical ooos and ahhhs.
45 minutes later I am heavily into conversation with the former NCAA Mens Soccer Coach of the Year and founder of Peter Duah Soccer Camps about how to get my band out to Africa with him to do some sort of Sports/Music festival/camp and reach Ghana for Christ.
Needless to say he probably would not have interrupted my arranging of How Great is Our God if I had answered a call on my bLackberry.
To which he walked out of the Starbucks saying, “I have a new friend because of an iPhone. HAHAHAHA”.

An Evil iPhone user,