What a day. I feel rested and refueled after our staff day at Glen Ivy yesterday.
I would harken to say (I have no idea what harken means) we were the most behaved people there. Oh. Besides the male tanner laying behind Neal. I made him invite him to a small group.
Img 2145

We basked in 2 foot deep pools of mineral water, and smeared mud all over each other in the most dignified manner possible.
Wait? What’s that on my chest?
Img 2146

And our senior leader, Matt. He made sure to stay respectfully reverent all day long.
Img 2157

A few more shots of Sandals taking over…
Img 2134-1
Img 2158
Img 2177
Img 2165-1

Yea. We might have gone a bit overboard with the mud…