There have many great performances in my lifetime. By many great artists. U2 in Belfast. Queen at Wembely Stadium. Michael anywhere in the 80’s. Garth at Central Park. But this one might just have risen above the rest.
Yes. I know it’s a HUGE statement. But trust me. Stevie Wonder’s Superstition on Sesame Street might arguably be his greatest performance EVER.
From the Gibson Guitar.
To the Orange amps
The shirt on the guy playing the Gibson.
Stevie’s Glasses.
Stevie’s Mic.
Sax Players Shirt.
Mexican child playing maracas in the background.
Bass player’s run with 3:35 remaining.
Little girl getting her WORSHIP ON with 2:35 remaining.
Stevie’s not done with 1:10 left.

All I have to say after allowing you to watch that is…
You’re Welcome.