The above image [click to enlarge], is funny. To me at least. But not to my grandpa. He would wonder why I think it is funny. I think it is funny because my wife has the same “job” as the lady in the afore mentioned picture yet breaks most those rules.
Lets see…
1. Hey. Heather is bating one for one. So far she is a 50’s wife to the T. Yes men. Be jealous. I actually walk in the front door every day at 5:30 and actually smell dinner. MMMMmmm
2. HAHAHAHAHA. Yea. So maybe the lady in the picture is on meth or something ’cause that aint happening with my kids in the same house.
3. Remove the gay part and Heather works it. If ya know what I mean.
4. HAHAHAHAHA. Yea. That is my job once I get home.
5. Once again. My job.
6. The only fire I’ll get is undr my butt if the trash sits there longer than 12 minutes after I arrive.
7. Does…”Carlos. I’m done. They are all yours” count?
8. At least 50% of the time.
9. If I had a nickel…
I’m not even gonna finish.
How many of you ladies could have done this junk back in ’55?
Preach it.