So here I lie at 5:45 a.m. and I am wide awake. Seanna just farted for what seemed to be 32 seconds straight. Now the entire one room cabin is a bit stinkier. Losiah is in the pack and play in the bathroom talking to himself in what sounds like Korean. Sohaila is talking in her sleep about a bulldozer and a dog, and Heather is placing her 27 degree feet right between my thighs. Everything i care about in my entire world is all within 7 feet of me and all I can do is think about the 10000 things i have to do to get my family from the left coast to the right coast.
How do i make sure to pick the right moving company?
What is the smartest decision as to what part of Atlanta to base my family out of?
What should be the 6 song set I choose to lead as my last set at Sandals?
I wonder who will be the one Heather meets and becomes closest with?
I don’t think your ready for this jelly.
Can the ATL really handle the Whittakers?
Can the Whittakers really handle the ATL?
How much Waffle House am I actually going to eat my first month there?
Which of my Cali friends will be the first ones to move out with us?
I really hope my house sells.
I can’t believe there is an Apple store within walking distance from my new office.
These are the thoughts parading through my dome @ 5:45 am.
Anyone got any thoughts for me?