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So Danny Stephen’s is the music director on my SPD team here at Buckhead. Talented would be the most humiliating understatement of the year to describe him. He is gifted and annointed. I went and hung out with him and his team of musicians tonight for Sunday rehearsal. I laughed a little when I looked at who was in this picture. Why did I laugh? Because it is more like an all star lineup than a church musician roster. Meet my new friends.

1. Not pictured but playing lead guitar on the left is Jason Hoard. Jason Hoard is producer pimp for Steve Fee’s last album.
It was cool to hear him play the All Because of Jesus lick that he wrote himself.
2. The guy sitting behind the 2 glowing Apple logos is Danny Stephens. Small Town Poet man himself. I get to listen to him play the piano through the wall everyday.
3. The guy bass guitarrin’ facing Danny is Jayce Fincher. Yea. Of Marvelous 3 fame. And yes. That was Butch Walkers band. Yes. Butch Walker. 1969. Butch Walker. Daley? You following?
4. The diva in green is Candi Pearson-Shelton. Yea. Candi from all the Passion CD’s. Sing to the King, You Are My King. Blah Blah Blah. She uses no monitors. No in ears. No wedges. And is spot on.
5. The woman dominating the microphone is Chrystina Fincher. Vocal diva worship leader. She is leading this week at Buckhead. I won’t be there. I’m sad. She is married to Jayce.
6. The guy on the drums is Slug. Yea. Slug. You have to be able to play drums if your name is slug. He was the drummer in Marvelous 3.
7. The rhythm guitar player is Jonathan Shelton. HE IS CANDI’S HUSBAND. He is playing guitar well. I think he hides from web 2.0 because I can’t find him anywhere but here.

Those were the guys on stage my first day in the office here at Buckhead Church.
Danny’s job does not suck.