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So as I am walking up to the plane the lady checking our boarding passes looks at me and says…”Pastor Carlos!!!”
I recognized her and knew she went to Sandals. How ironic that the last person I see in So Cal is a Sandals attender. We hugged and exchanged some Sandals love it was AWESOME. I almost started crying when I turned around to grab a pic.
I boarded the plane and crammed into seat 35C. The asle seat next to 2 nice young men. We started talking iPhone when Mrs. Sandals Attender of the Year comes walking up the aisle.
“Mr. Whittaker. Your seat assignment has been changed.”
With a wink and a smile she ushered me to seat 1C.
First class.
“Please take care of this man. He is my pastor.”
She left and I cried for a good 15 minutes.
What an amazing place.
Thank you Sandals Church.
You will always have a piece of my heart.
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Now to give my heart to the ATL