Heather asked the kids to say something to me and she would type it out
Here is what they said…
Img 6401
Sohaila: I love you and I am going to miss you and I dont want you to
get hurt when you go in the accident and I miss you I’m going ot miss
you and i found my glasses HMMM. I missed you and I think your not
going to go to chick fil A and your not goign to do anything nice and
I want you and love you. and I dont want you to get really by bad
people at night and I want to go on a boat this summer. And go to
rachels house to go swimming and I want you to go to the movies and
watch a good show. And I want you to have a balloon. Two of them for
me and seanna. And I want you to come home I am sad today. I love you.
I want you to be good there and I want you to come home soon and bring
a balloon for everyone. And make me a picture. Good bye.
Img 6436

Seanna: I miss you. and I want you . I want you to come home and I
want him, maybe we not going to chick fil a or maybe we not singing at
this home. I miss him and want my daddy so much. And maybe we are not
going to the movies at the movies with nani. We are not going to see
our room anymore or go to the movies with matt and tammy ethan kennedy
or madison or lori. Or we are going to do the alphabet in Atlanta.
Good-bye, I love you kisses good-bye dat it.Img 6447

Losiah: AHHHH get me out of bed!

Me: I miss you! it was lonely last night once the kids went to bed.
But i look forward to going down stairs and not having to clean up
cereal. 🙂 I miss you so much you are my best friend.
I am off to go and to my chores. H

My family might simply be the most amazing crew on the planet.