OK. So knowing my sandalschurch.com email is about to go *poof* I am signing up for EVERYTHING using my loswhit@gmail account. Also this is my MAIN email account as of right now. And then this morning my iPhone gives me this strange error message when trying to access my gmail…
“Lockdown in Sector 4”
It sounded like some homeland security breach. So I go to the source on the website to check my email and am greeted with this.
Picture 5-13

Dear Gmail.
I trust you with my email needs.
When my credit card company thinks something is strange with my account, they call me.
When my bank notices a large amount of money withdrawn from my account, they call me.
Please don’t go HOTMAIL on me and get all ghetto with my account.
Mr. Loswhit@Gmail.Com

So if you have emailed me lately, I cant get it because gmail has locked down my sector 4,

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