So H and I found this house. It is really us. I mean really. Eclectic. Funky. In the woods (which is not hard in GA). We really like it. But I have not lived in the ATL in 10 years. 10 years people. Put it this way. My high school is now a junior high. Things change. We are trying to figure out drive times. Traffic. Grocery Stores. Schools. Malls. Strip Clubs (JC’s Girls can exist on the right coast too people! And yea. That is Heather second from the left.) and all the other things that go into living somewhere. We are stuck. So I need your ATLers to pipe in. Here is the location of the casa.

Here are some shots…

Picture 12Picture 19
Picture 20
It is in Norcross. When I lived in high school only people in overalls lived in Norcross. But that is also true of Alpheretta. How long is it going to take to get to work? Is it even worth looking at?
Help a So Cal boy out.