OK. So here are the facts.
It is the highest point in the contiguous United States at elevation 14,505 feet.
2 out of 3 people who attempt to summit fail.
The failure rate is linked to altitude sickness.
We will spend the night tonight in Lone Pine, CA.
Tomorrow morning we will leave the trail head at 8300 feet and hike 6.3 miles to trail camp. Trail camp is at 12000 feet.
We will spend the night at 12000 to try and help with the altitude acclimation because I am sure I will be vomiting at this point.
We wake up Wednesday morning for the summit.
We will attempt to summit and hike back down in the same day.
Spend the night in Lone Pine on Wednesday and come back on Thursday.
Rest my legs on Thursday and finish my LA Ink on Friday.

Live. You Only Get One Shot.