So we are packed and ready to go. We are at the Dow Villa Motel directly across the street from Mount Whitney Portal Rd. Tomorrow shall come early as we are rising at 4 AM to bfast and hit the trail by 5:30ish. That way we should hit base camp a bit after lunch, which should give me plenty of time to recover from the heavy vomiting I might be doing. Heather is straight up cookin’ a cuisine at 12,000 feet so I will look forward to that.
Oh. And we picked up another Sandalite. Brad Metzger. He is a stud and decided this morning he would come along. He is driving here as I type.
Randy, the old man, is in peak form. I shall be hanging on to his shirt tales to get up that hill. In 12 hours today we have already solved every facet of church problems there are. Maybe we should start a Fantasy Church Yahoo League.
From today…

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I’m about to make that mountain my…