Let me preface this post with stating that Daniel Balboa, one of our Sunday production heads, is a flat out pimp with the shutter. He is the owner of Balboa Photography and a volunteer for Sandals Church with a heart most churches would die for in their volunteers. Hire him. He will make you more alive in your pictures than you are in real life. All these came from his lens…and they are all worth clicking on to see them in their full glory.

So every year Sandals Church gets kicked out of the gymnasium at California Baptist University because they have to resurface the floor. We usually put up a big top in the parking lot and have a tent revival my pops would be jealous of. But this year we thought different. What if we cancel the 2 morning services and just have one service. One night. ALL our peeps together. Yea, we might lose some tithe. But I am moving anyways. JUST KIDDING.
It seemed like a good idea. The creative team focused in on a theme.
One Night To Unite was born.
It was one of those special nights. A few thousand. Everyone together. Made it REAL hard to go to sleep that night. Knowing that I am leaving such an UNBELIEVABLE place makes it only more evident that GOD himself is directing my every step. Because I did think to myself during the set…”If I am leaving this…God must have something amazing planned at Buckhead, I can’t wait to see what it is…”, then I kept singing…

Here is to one last time Sandals…

The day was hot. So Rob decided to rip his sleeves off. Matt represented Mute Math like the fan that he is. He is the only person I let wear band t’s on stage.

It was cool to have the choppers in full effect. This one is mine. It is for sale for 35k. Again. Just kidding.

One Sunday down. One to go. What’s that on my arm?

Danielle Brown was manning the chaos that was the M7CL. She makes us sound like butter.

Why am I angry? Because I am wearing a name badge.

Do I need to say anything more? Amazing. Simply Amazing.

This man shaped me into the pastor I am today. I will hang on to this shot forever. I love you Matt Brown. Thanks for letting me share the stage with you for 9 years. We were like freaking Superfly Jimmy Snuka and Tito Santana. Unstoppable.

How can one be so sexy and so unstoppable with the HD Cam. OK. Maybe not HD.

Isaac had my back for years. Some years on the sticks, and some years on the faders.

So there was last Sunday night in images and lame attempts at humor. It was amazing.

One more time?

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