I will not even begin to divulge the roasting that took place at last nights staff going away party. Let us just say that they left no secret unturned. It was a great night of goodbyes.
JRocka had the wonderful job of putting this short video of some Los moments from the last 9 years. All to boyz 2 men. HAHAHAHAHA.
Moments like our Y2K Get Your Freak On Sandals Party.
Me leading worship in 98 with my Taylor wrapped so high around my neck you would think my arms were 7 inches long.
My 1999 dedication to El Debarge.
Me stuffing my face and tipping the scales at 225.
Me after weight watchers looking the 189 that I am.
And me telling Justin to stick the camera where it belonged back in 2004.

Great job JRocka.
I’ll miss you too buddy.