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So I am officially back from vacation. And yes. I need a vacation from my vacations. We always do 2 weeks like this for Heather a year, and then I get the other week to lay on a beach and sleep. That is a vacation.
So I am gearing up for my final week here at Sandals Church. I have all sorts of emotions.
There is excitement, sorrow, peace.
I met with Justin, my media director, last night. We had a really good heart to heart for a few hours. Battled fears, but hopefully, intensified dreams.
I met with Rob today for a while. Pushed him in a direction a bit as well.
There is SOOOOOOO much planning, stressing, scattering, and scurrying in my world here at Sandals right now that I almost wish I was not gone last week.
But alas, this stuff must happen.
I have a VERY strategic week of meetings coming up. Almost every hour of every day is plotted out already. This is a very important week.
Pray that the conversations that need to happen, happen. And pray that they go as God wants them to.


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