Img 0533-1Today was my last official day in the office. Time to turn in the key, empty out the file cabinets, and turn off the lights. Too bad I lost my keys, I have no file cabinets, and I never have the lights on anyways.

Started out my last day where it always begins. Kissing my son while his hair stabs me in the eye. Then off to St. Arbucks at Arlington and the 91. My barristas have caught wind and they spent a few minutes wishing me well. I’ll miss them.
From there to the dentist. Fitting way to close out this season of my ministry. With cold metal objects being shoved in my mouth. I am not quite sure how that correlates, but it’s late.

Img 0537Then I got to the office to start packing and Matt snagged me for a hour and a half lunch. It was good. We talked friendship and legacy and stuff. It is fitting that my senior pastor took me out as my last lunch at Sandals. Because I swear the last 9 years he has racked up at least 900 dollars of I owe U’s. So I ate his cookie while he went to the potty. Sucker will never learn. Then back to the office to pack up. and nail down a few more meetings. The office vultures were already circling my office imagining what their life would look like in there. I quickly shood them away but they kept coming back. I could see it in their eyes. They wanted first dibs on my office. I personally think they should put up a red velvet rope and make The Carlos Whittaker Sandals Memorabilia Museum.
Img 6273
Img 6319
So I am done in the office.
A perfect ending 9-5.

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