Tony had a GREAT post on vision today. Go join in the discussion…

  • Vision is easy when you launch.
  • Vision is what distinguishes one organization from the next. Both may be great organizations. They just have unique visions.
  • If you grow, eventually, someone will try to shift the vision in a different direction. That’s a guarantee.
  • People need to be reminded frequently of what the vision is and where you’re going next.
  • Sometimes you have to confront people and their agenda when it’s not in line with the vision. Doesn’t necessarily mean their agenda is wrong. Just means it’s not your vision.
  • Sometimes you have to ask a leader to step down if they can’t fully support the vision. Doesn’t mean they’re not a good leader. Just means they’re not your leader.
  • Vision challenges can rock smaller organizations and go almost unnoticed in larger organizations.
  • There’s more vision stability in a larger organization, but also more opportunity for complacency.
  • The vision needs to be big enough to capture the hearts of leaders.
  • The vision rarely changes, but the immediate objectives for accomplishing the vision must constantly be defined.
  • The top positional leader has to be the loudest voice and the most passionate champion for the vision. That role can’t be delegated.
  • Vision unifies.

Who around you have you seen the greatest vision from lately?