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OK guys. Now lots of you are coming to my new neck of the woods. I know lots of people plan these little blogging get togethers. More times than not, 2 lonely bloggers get together and feel awkward about it. If it ends up just being me and you, I won’t feel awkward. I’ll feel loved. And it will be cool for all of us who read each other’s blogs to put a voice with the faces.
So this is what I was thinking.
I’ll be there Wednesday and Friday. TH I will be at Buckhead.
“there” would be Gwinnett. The sticks as far as I’m concerned. But probably better for you since I am sure it was cheaper than renting the GA Dome. 😉
Wednesday who can meet at Starbucks around 10:30?
Opening Session is not till 12:30. So we have some time to hang.
Then you can all follow me to my new boss Jeff’s session on “Context” in the inner city.
Then TH I have about 4 of you coming to Buckhead to check out the new diggs around 6:30. You will be going against traffic so you should be ok.
Dinner at 7:30 after we check out the building.
Then Friday lunch is free.
I would love to meet all of you guys whos blogs I stalk and stuff.
So here is the deal.
WED – 10:30 am at Starbucks .4 miles north of the arena.
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TH – 6:30 pm at Buckhead Church for tour and dinner after. Here are the directions from Gwinnett Arena.

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FR – Lunch at the arena if you are around.

So there you have it. Who is coming and can make any of these times?
Let people know on your blogs as well. This isn’t just a Ragamuffin thing. It’s a blogger G thang.
Email me or let me know on here if you will be around.

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