So I’m here at Starbucks going to church at’s Internet Campus. That is such a hard thing to punctuate. Anyways. The dude pastor internet guy is doing the “salvation prayer” thing. I’m not a big fan of that in a “real church” so obviously you can imagine my big eyes rolling when he asks us to raise our hands if we accepted Christ. But to each his own. It was an awesome message and good worship. So I’m cool.
Right when he says this, the little “hand raised counter” gets to 7. Everything in me wanted to click “Raise Hand”, but I didn’t. Because I’m a good boy. Didn’t want to misbehave in church.
I wish I had my camera for what happened next. There is this older woman on her laptop across the Starbucks. I swear when internet pastor dude asked one last time to raise your hand…her hand went up. Then the little counter thing went from 7 to 8.
Picture 7-1
I freaked out a little bit. Waiting for her to scratch her underarm or something. Her hand went down like 3 seconds later. The evangelist in me wanted to walk over to her and ask her why she raised her hand. Was she online? Was she watching? But since the evangelist in me is only like a 2nd grader it is not going to happen.
But can you imagine?
Who knows. She was probably stretching.
Or maybe God was slapping me for rolling my eyes.

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