So I get to share my space with Sandi. Sandi is the person who has ran this show for the past 5 years. Maybe longer, I don’t know. She is trying to tell me that she will be leaving my space soon. I guess they did hire me to replace her. But I am trying to figure out a way to ball and chain her to her desk for a few years. She is invaluable.
So here are some shots of my new digs.
This is looking in from the hallway. I am not quite what those file cabinets are for.
Img 6649
This is looking out of my office door. You see one of many counters on my floor. This is the counter that will make me fat if I am not careful. It is usually loased with greasy foods and candy. Way down the hall you see the creative planning room. I like that room.
Img 6650
OK. This is looking in my office from the doorway. Kinda homey already. I love it.
Img 6651
A view from corner 2
Img 6652
A view from corner 3
Img 6653
A view from corner 4
Img 6656
This is looking left out of my office. Cubes galore. And that bright light is Jesus Himself shining in from the wall to wall windows on that side of the floor. I’ll take a shot of that one later.
Img 6659

That’s all for now.
I’m going to take a nap on my velvet sofa.

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