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I’m in LAX right now awaiting my red eye to the ATL. Heather booked this one and I have ended up on an airline called Air Trans, or Trans Air, or something like that. I have been spoiled by the peeps at Delta the last 4 flights so I am sure I am in for a treat. I am thinking that maybe all the flight attendants will be 45 year old men dressed in drag. I’ll make sure to have the SD600 ready.

I had a wonderful long weekend with the family. From the goodbye party, to my surprise birthday party, to wrestling with my kids for 3 hours today, it was amazing.
I get to the ATL at 6:05 am. I dart to pick up my luggage, sprint to grab my car rental, then shoot up to Alpharetta for my Tuesday morning planning meeting with Andy, Tyler, Julie, and Sandi at 8:30 am.
This week will be a shadowing week for me. Shadowing Sandi like Deion Sanders on Jerry Rice.
Look for more blogging this week as I kinda get into the swing of things.
Buckhead or Bust…

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