One of the strangest phenomenons I have encountered since moving back to the ATL is one in men’s fashion.
Let me preface this observation with another.
Atlanta had changed MASSIVELY since I left this place 11 years ago.
– The population has almost doubled.
– 2 out of 3 people I meet are Not from Atlanta.
– The city is cleaner.
– The restaurants are trendier.
– The city is much more diverse.
Then can somebody, anybody, please tell me why the same thing I was wearing as a senior at Shamrock High School, is still draped across men all over Atlanta?
In my senior picture I was wearing “Duckhead” Khakis, a polo or izod shirt, and a brown belt. Sometimes I would wear a baseball cap with the bill bent in a 45 degree angle.
I snapped a few shots with my iPhone at Hartsfield last week.
They are all around me.
Every age.
So here is my plea.
If you EVER, EVER, see me dressed in this outfit…call the cops, alert Homeland Security.
Because I SWEAR, I will not have done this under my own fruition.