So I have put this question off long enough.

“Carlos, now where is it that you work?”

I work at like 4 places at once. But really one place. I know. It’s confusing.
So I start this week long series…
Welcome To Atlanta Where the Playas Play. I figure I don’t have a shot of convincing Jeff (sorry Jeff. It’s all I could find. you need a blog man.) to use this as a series title, so I’ll just go ahead and use it on my blog.
If you get bored with this kind of mumbo jumbo, click here. It will be far more interesting to you.

OK. This is really for the West Coasters. My wife thought Andy Stanley was Louie Giglio until 3 months ago. So this is all new for the West Side.

I work at a church. It is called Buckhead Church. Not “The Buckhead Church”. Not “Buckhead Community Church”. Just, Buckhead Church.
It is part of a parent organization called North Point Ministries. There are 3 North Point Ministry campuses and several strategic partners (btw, take a lesson on coding from that link when it comes to FAQ’s). The campuses are Browns Bridge Community Church, North Point Community Church, and Buckhead Church.
Look at the image below.
The circle is the perimeter freeway of Atlanta. It is called I-285. Not “The 285” as I have been so politely reminded on a daily basis. But simply “I-285”. I know you west coasters are used to giving freeways their own identity. The 91. The 15. The 60. The 101. But not around here. They look at you like you are crazy if you say…

“So I will just shoot up the 85 to the 285 and exit at Lavista Rd. right?”

Trust me. So. I-285 surrounds Atlanta. The dot in the middle of my hand is Buckhead Church. In the “city” The dot on the perimeter, just north of I-285 is North Point Community Church. It is in Alpharetta. That is a city. That would be considered “the suburbs”. It is 20 miles north of Buckhead Church. The dot WAAAY up on my thumb is Browns Bridge Community Church. That is where Tyler works. It is like the suburbs of the suburbs. It is 20 miles north of Alpharetta. He has the same job I do. Only up there. If it looks 3 times as far as North Point is, it is not. I just suck at drawing and I like giving Tyler a hard time. They have the biggest stage in church history. You can land a 747 on it. I’m jealous. OK. Geography lesson over.
Photo 24

Andy Stanley (I wish I had a wiki) is the pastor and main teacher for all 3 campuses.
How does he do that?
So I work in a 40 million dollar building where thousands of people attend and the teaching is primarily on video?
Crazy as it sounds. It works. Not only does it work. But lives are changing every day here at Buckhead Church and I am proud to be part of it.
I watched this Sunday as an HD, life size, preacher delivered a message of conviction and watched as thousands responded. My mouth still hangs open in awe at the effectiveness of this medium.
But the cool thing…on a screen or in the flesh…
Truth is Truth.
And yes. That is Ludacris and Andy Stanley in the same Technorati tag. I like being the first.

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