Roof-1Next question.

What is it you do?

My own mother does not even know what I do.
And quite honestly, I think the answer to this question is going to continue developing the longer I am here, and the longer Jeff has to see me work in my strengths.
What does that mean?
That I am in the perfect place for someone striving to develop who they are in Christ on a daily basis.
I am in a church system in transition. In a place where I can’t “coast” and make it happen by the seat of my pants.
And I love it.

OK Listen up well. Because this is going to be the explanation I refer everyone to when they ask me…”Are you still leading worship? Is the cooperate environment gonna kill you? How can you work for a MEGA CHURCH?”
Yea. I get those almost every day.
Strap on your listening ears.
Here is the answer.

I am the Service Programming Director at Buckhead Church in Atlanta, GA.

There you go. Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any questions.

OK. Just kidding.
Here is the SIMPLE version and I will break it down from there.
I oversee Creative Elements (video shoots, title packages, brainstorming stuff, ect.), Host Teams (police officers, parking teams, greeter teams, lobby look and feel, ect.), Music and Worship (musicians, worship leaders, vocals, choirs 😉 green room hosts, ect.), and Production (lighting, audio, video, tech, volunteer coordination, ect.)
I lead the teams that create the “Adult Experience” on Sunday. And my goal every week is simple. That every adult that comes to Buckhead Church gets it.
What is it?
The authentic and relational love of Christ as shown through people, music, video, and message.

I also represent Buckhead Church in many multi campus meetings throughout the week. Since we are our own campus, we do things differently than the others. It is my job to serve as almost a liason between our campus and the others and be a promoter and quite possibly defender of Buckhead in many meetings.
Lots of meetings.
Lots of meetings.
But good meetings.
Healthy meetings.
Lots of meetings.
Why all the meetings?
3 Campuses.
3 Service Programming Directors.
1 Preacher.
1 Vision.
That is a tough thing to work out but we do it every week and it’s working.

OK. Let’s break it down even further.

  1. Creative Elements – The leader of this section of life for me is Amber Blossom. She is UNBELIEVABLE when it comes to this stuff. She creates in her sleep. She makes my life easier. She questions for the sake of the unchurched. She is from Chicago. She is pregnant. Like the baby might fall out tonight pregnant. So she is leaving me. And I am sad. Not because she is going to birth a child. But because I am going to have to run creative meetings alone. And she brings the playdough. She produces videos, writes scripts, interviews interviewees, and SO MUCH MORE. Did I mention she is pregnant? Come back soon Amber!!!
  2. Host Teams – This section of my team is run by Mike Hill. Mike is a man who LOVES people. You must be this in order to be in charge of loving each and every person who sets foot into Buckhead Church. The cops, the parking plan, the escalator, the lobbies, the HUNDREDS of volunteers. He leads that team with purpose. I could NEVER do his job. That is why he does it and not me. Oh. And he wears khakis. And that is ok. Because he is older than me and runs triathlons and could beat me in a race with one leg tied around his back. He comes to us from Cooperate America. So I let him wear the khakis. Because he makes khakis look good. Darn good.
  3. Music and Worship – Danny Stephens. I already gave Danny more props that he will ever get from anyone here. He puts the Poet in Small Town. 😉
  4. Production – Tim Fancher. This guy’s world I won’t ever understand. And I won’t even pretend. There are more routers and switchers and colored cables going from the control room to the auditorium than you can imagine. He runs all things production. Audio, video, lighting and the works. He has an amazing team of volunteers who basically run the show EVERY Sunday. The control room looks like something out of CTU on 24. What the heck is a shadower anyways?

Now, there are more AMAZING full time staff within all those departments. I will brag on them in another post. For now you can meet the directors. Amber, Mike, Danny, and Tim. They run my world and we would be sunk without them.

That is just BUCKHEAD CAMPUS. Remember. There are 2 other campuses who I work with every week. The main players in my week from up north are Tyler Reagin, Julie Arnold, Andy Stanley, and their teams. I meet with them a few times a week for vision and direction and simple communication.
Tyler is SPD Director at Browns Bridge. Julie is SPD Director at North Point (and the OG when it comes to ANYTHING service programming). Andy is the boss. You know. Kinda like in charge of everything and stuff. I hang out with these cats a few times a week for various reasons and they will keep me sane.

Sundays I produce. What is that? Well think of a concert or awards show or something. There are TONS of people doing 1000 different things. It is the producers job to make sure they are all accomplishing one goal. And that that goal gets accomplished. I don’t know how many production and music volunteers it takes to run a Sunday. I guess I should. But there are lots of them. And the producer has the final say and kinda guides the direction of the service. Looking at things from a big picture perspective. That is my main role right now on Sundays.


Slow down catfish. That is not the case. Here is where Jeff and I are.
I will lead worship. He wants me to lead worship. He wants me to lead sooner than I want to lead worship. Because Jeff knows that is what I am good at. When and where I don’t care. It is in my blood. It is who I am. I can do that with both my hands tied behind my back and with my eyes closed.
But the SPD part. I can’t do that with my hands tied behind my back and my eyes closed. That part of the job is going to take time. I am going to have to LEARN to do that. So it was my decision to tell Jeff that I want to wait a few months and really get this part of my job down before I jump into doing any worship leading. I have other events in the next few months leading for thousands of college students here and there that will fill my fix until I get my JOB down.
The most important thing for me is that I pour into my team like no other. That I show them that I am here to bring an authenticity and messy Chrisitanity to their lives. That is why they hired me. To lead a team in a authentic and relational way. And I am really good at that. But it will take time.

So here I sit. TOTALLY stretched and challenged in ways I never could be anywhere else. And I love it.
You know sometimes when you get really good at something and then just coast? That was me. Now there is no more coasting.
And so I call you out. Are you just chillin? Lazy? Getting fat? In all areas of life.
Get off yo butt and shake up your life.
It’s more fun this way.