Picture 2-1Some people despise Mondays. But since Mondays are really my Tuesdays, I like them. I always liked Tuesdays growing up.
One, because Tuesdays were the days Who’s the Boss came on and I had something special goin’ on for Alyssa Milano. Even if she had some messed up toes.
Two, because Tuesdays meant after I got done staring at Alyssa, I somehow convinced my parents to let me watch Cybill Shepherd in Moonlighting. Mamamia.
Three, because it was no longer Monday.
Those reasons have changed slightly for me over the years. Slightly. Charmed just doesn’t have the same effect.
So I like Mondays.
These are my Mondays…

I start my days at North Point in Alpharetta. This means I drive north on GA-400. Which at 8 am is a good thing.
I jump into Julie and NP SPD teams service evaluation. Why would I sit in their evaluation meeting when I was at Buckhead the day b4? Because more times than not we are going to be showing that message the next week or soon there after. So I get to see what songs worked. What songs did not. What elements they put into their service that had the most impact on their people. All the while knowing the crowd we have at Buckhead is a different demographic and weighing things in my head. We then shift into focusing on the upcoming Sunday. This helps keep us a few Sunday ahead gathering important information for our campus.
Then one Monday a month all 3 campuses get together at NP for a campus wide staff meeting.
Andy usually teaches or one of the other teaching guys give us a challenge. I have only been to one of these and it was awesome. That staff meeting is bigger than most churches in America.

Then following that meeting all 3 SPD teams gther for lunch and updates from all 3 campuses. Again, I have only been to one of these and I gained 4 and a half pounds of greasy meat into my stomach.

Back to weekly, I use Mondays for my one on one’s with 2 of my directors. Danny (music) and Amber (creative, having a child today) rotate weeks and I get to jump a little deeper into their lives. These are crucial.
At 2:30 my team basically has the same meeting that I had at NP earlier in the day. Only this is Buckhead specific. Not the entire team is in this meeting. Just the players from the Sunday b4. I enjoy this meeting because everyone is up for critique. Healthy critique. It is a good idea to really step into the SPD room with your guard down in this one.
My Mondays fly by. When I am not in those meetings I try to be with the peeps. Try is the main word as life around Buckhead is never still. I have not had an hour in Starbucks yet. I’ll figure it out.
So there you have it. My Mondays. Not that you care.

But I know my mom reads this and she wanted to know.