This was quoted of my churches Ladies and Gentlemen opener

I wonder if there is a better use for it, than a church service. It seems such a waste to me.

I would disagree. I can not think of anywhere where it would be put to better use than a church service. Anywhere else you are drawing people into something other than God.
After something like that you that we have found that people are drawn so close into your service that everything they hear from then on out is 100 times louder..
It is an opener. The purpose of an opener is not always to have a time of worship. It is to draw people in. Once they are close, in, tight, then their worship is that much louder.
And yea. The crowd did not know what to do when it was over. There is nothing better than throwing a fastball in traditions face.

This is why there are different churches for different peeps.
Just wait and see what we have coming soon.