We are not as hard core as the New Springers up in Tony’s neck of the woods. 😉
But us city folk don’t know how to handle this stuff.
We don’t have tractors and horses to get us to church like ya’ll Anderson folk.

Picture 5-12
Picture 6-12
Picture 7-10
All in good fun. Put your blog feelings away. Come to Tony and my Twitter feed for lots more rib poking…

So FYI, Buckhead Church, Brownsbridge Church, and NorthPoint Community Church will NOT meet tomorrow.
Not because we don’t love Jesus. Not because we are wimps…
From the Buckhead Church Blog

But mostly because we are concerned for our volunteers and staff who leave their homes well before 6 am to arrive at church.
We are concerned that the road conditions that early in the day could prove to be hazardous for them.

Better safe than sorry.

So instead of leading worship tomorrow…I will be sleeping and watching the Packers make their way to the Super Bowl.