Thursday afternoon…

“Daddy!!! Look what is on my nose!”
“Wow Sohaila. Why do you have a black dot on you nose?”
“Well Daddy. Today was the 101st day of Kindergarten!!!”
“Oh!!! So you’re a Dalmatian?”

It looked like fun, so down into the basement Carlos went to blacken a dot on his nose.

Heather – “Babe? What did you use to color your nose?”
Me – “Um. A Sharpie. Why?”
Heather – “I don’t think that is gonna come off”
Me – “Whatever. Yes it will”

For some reason, Carlos decided to go to be 5 hours earlier than normal this evening.
He forgot to remove the black dot of Sharpie love.
The next morning Carlos woke up late and was rushing out the door to take Sohaila to Kindergarten. He happened to glance in the mirror and saw the black dot.

“Oh crap.”
Soap, warm water, a wash cloth and 30 seconds of hard scrubbing got the Sharpie off.
“See. Heather does not know what she is talking about.”

Little did Carlos know that not only did he remove the layer of Sharpie…
He removed the epidermis below as well.

Day One…
Photo 196

Day Two…
Photo 199

But if you look closely, I swear the mark looks like Africa…