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This crazy world of web 2.0 fun has actually, in all seriousness, created real friendships.
Real, bleeding, would bail out of jail friendships.
I understand the skeptics.
But seriously. I have made some great friends from this blog and have already met many of you.
Here are some I can’t wait to meet.
My List
1. Dustin Bryson – We started Spitbox together and gave it a good shot. We have talked on the phone and through video chat but never in the flesh.
2. Joshua Longbrake – We pop onto each others screens through IM with questions like…”What if the church really looked like the church?” or “You should just pack up your family and move to Seattle and get your butt kicked in seminary with me”
3. Peter Kim – Besides the fact that he shares his name with one of my childhood best friends, he has been around here a loooong time and I feel like we connect.
4. Laura Winn – Miss Asian Chocolate herself. She was around before we got Losiah and is as addicted to St. Arbucks as I. I feel like we could talk for hours.
5. Kristie Applesauce – I watched in humbleness as she up and moved to Africa to help those in need. Her mom is hot too.

So those are just a handful of peeps I would love to grab some face time with.
What about you?