Not that you care. But I don’t care if you care. I just have to document this day so I remember how not to plan a day again.
630am – Wake Up
7am – Argue with wife about things that don’t matter and selfishly want to be mad at the world.
730am – 5 year old to Kindergarten.
8am – St. Arbucks @ Paper Mill to read bible and blog and surround myself with rich people.
9am – emails
930am – 66 in a 55 on Roswell Rd. “I don’t know how ya’ll do this in California, but around here son we obey the speed limit”
10am – Fee @ St. Arbucks Haynes Bridge and Old Milton to solve the worlds worship problems.
12:30pm – Blossom and Peters at some Thai restaurant that kicked me in the teeth.
2pm – review and plan
3pm – tech meeting
330pm – meet blogging buddies from Birmingham for talk and tour of church.
430pm – walk to Marta…It’s smarta.
6pm – Dinner at Ted’s Montana Grille
7pm – Mute Math in an arena that swallowed them whole.
8pm – Alanis doing Alanis
9pm – Call security desk at Buckhead to tell them my team will be running way late and to leave my keys at front desk so I can drive home.
10 pm – Matchbox 20 doing Matchbox 20
12am – Marta back to Buckhead
1245am – Buckhead
1246am – FOB or Key does not gain me access into building my car keys and backpack reside.
1247am – Rachel realizes she has to now drive Josh and I to East Cobb.
110am – Arrive at home and look for keys to Hyundai while trying not to wake sleeping family members.
111am – Wake up angry wife and ask her where her keys are.
112am – Drive Josh to his house 5 miles away.
2am – Blog my day because I am hopelessly addicted to sharing the highs and lows of my day with you.
Thanks to North Point SPD for the tickets for Josh, Rachel, and I.
I forgot how much Alanis made me want to be a pissed of 25 year old woman.
Isn’t it ironic?