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Crystal Renaud
Missionary with Westside Family Church (partnering with Oceans of Mercy).
location: Port Elizabeth, South Africa
timeframe: March 13-27, 2008
total to raise: $2500.
still to raise: $900 by February 13, 2008. anything extra can go toward other team members who have not raised enough support and/or deposited into my personal account with Oceans for future trips/longterm endeavors.March’s trip includes but is not limited to:

• Daily interaction with orphans displaced by HIV/AIDS at Oceans of Mercy Children’s Village (oceansofmercy.com),
• Vacation Bible School and picnic at Seaview Squatter Camp, Port Elizabeth. (these are the kids who can’t afford schooling and go for days without food, the area kids will purely come because they are guaranteed a meal, but will walk away having experienced the love of Christ through hearing the gospel, singing praise songs and playing games and of course, a meal),
• Home visits to encourage those suffering from HIV/AIDS,
• Assisting in delivery of food parcels to people in poverty,
• Community Abstinence Training in local township schools (teaching truth and debunking myths about AIDS & as well as the gospel to 5th-8th graders),
• 3-day camp for the children in the One Life CSP (these are kids who are either orphans displaced by AIDS or who’s guardians can’t provide for them. most have never left home, have never heard the gospel and will for the very first time). these kids will stay with us for 3 days and experience something that is once-in-a-lifetime for them.
mission info site: http://www.crystalrenaud.com/africa
march support letter: http://crystalrenaud.com/eletter/2008letter.pdf
prayer team: http://www.crystalrenaud.com/africaprayerteam.htm

Help Crystal get to Africa.