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It was one of those days. I got home last night exhausted. Multiple vaccinations, 4 hours of thinking meetings in a row, Heath Leadger dies, A buddy resigns from a church because of bad choices, I get lost driving over an hour away, I fall on the escalator at work and rip my jeans because I am just that guy, I attend my very first parent teacher conference hoping the teacher would not show me a picture Sohaila drew of her, her sister, her brother, and her mommy while the teacher looks endearingly at me like…”You are not in the picture dad”.
All of these things combined pushed me over.
Over what?
Well, I was trying to fall asleep on the sofa and I lost it. I missed normalcy. I missed my friends. I missed my old church. I missed people who loved me before I made this decision to move. I missed my band. I missed my house.
So I started crying like I used to do when I was six and the sky was falling. Alone.
So I did what I always do.
I walked to the bedroom…looked at the 3 ladies in my life…grabbed the 5 year old…and took her back to the sofa where she woke up just enough to smile and say…”Daddy.” Then she hugged me and fell asleep close enough I could feel her nose breath.
We slept like that all night.
And remarkably, it fixed my world.
She fixed my world.
Just the mess in my head.