Twitter – What Are you Doing?

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I like Twitter.
No. Check that. I love Twitter.
1. It allows me to blog like I am on crack.
2. It allows me to connect to hundreds of people and know what they are doing without the deep theological crap love that lots of blog posts are wrapped up in.
Kinda like a book. When I want to experience the fullness of a story, I read a book. When I want to get to the point, I buy the movie.
Twitter is the movie version of what you are trying to say in your blog posts.
3. I can be rooting for the browns at the super bowl and let you know it on the spot. Although I wouldn’t dare.
4. I have always loved one liners. Sometimes the most creative writing comes when you are forced to do it in 140 characters or less.
5. People let their guard down on Twitter. This makes for more juice. Heck. Did you know that Tony Morgan is sick for the first time in over a year? Not if you only read his blog.

I don’t like Twitter.
No. Check that. I can’t stand Twitter.
1. It narcissistically makes me want to broadcast every random, keep it to yourself, you would never say that in public, thought that crosses the abyss of my dome.
2. I already have no boundaries. What is next?
3. People are now using Twitter to talk to each other. So every time you “reply” to a Twitter update, you are sending me half of a conversation that you are having with someone I don’t even know.

@Jony: Yea, I heard it was good

Who the crap is Jony and What Was Good?!?!?!
4. Twitter came with text messaging turned on. 55 dollars in text message fees later, I turned that bad boy off.
5. Twitter is not your blog. Please don’t have twitter update every time you post a blog post. That is what my RSS feed is for.

You know you want to.
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But be warned.
It’s addicting.
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  • I think I shall go Twitter abut my blog and put a link to it while reponding @ to someone just to piss you off.

    Yeah. I am mean like that.

    Seriously, though. I love me some Twitter. is mine…you really should follow me everyone. I have candy.

  • You don’t have to apologize for rooting on the Browns. Not this year, anyway. The Falcons need to pursue Derek Anderson in a big way.

    Oh, and thanks for the Twitter add. I don’t tweet my blog posts and I keep the half-conversations to a minimum.

  • Mikey

    Isn’t that what you do everyday, several times a day ANYHOW?

  • I follow you, and I don’t even know you (well, only through Dustin Bryson’s blog, anyway). How weird is that? 😉

  • The world needed this blog post.

  • I’m going to go “@” something without a real conversation just to piss you off and make you think about what the other side is saying – “yeah, @whoever, I know, did you see how big it made her butt look? – oh no, @whoever, I didn’t know those were illegal in 36 states” – sweet.

  • Twitter is cool, the best way to Twitter is through Jott. is a voice recognition emailing, texting, blogging… software that makes life simple. You can simply just call in your twitters.

  • Scott – Jott’s a good suggestion if you can speak clearly and you’re not using a cell phone. I tried using it a few months ago and got tired of having to spell things out to it. It turned out to be faster to send a text to Twitter or use my iPhone over EDGE to go to

    Carlos – Do you use an application like Twitterrific? If not, it’ll take your tweets to a whole ‘nother level.

  • @loswhit .. oops, my bad. 😉

  • I’m going to have a website by blogging through twitter via jott…

  • Pete…grrrrrr

  • its definitely a love/hate relationship

  • not… gonna… do… twitter…..

  • Twitter’s cool. I actually like when people @whoever because it allows me to see who they’re talking to, and if I want, look up their profile by whois username or by visiting or just regular

    My new thing is to use twitter with IM since I’m on a computer all day long at work it makes receiving and sending twitters easier. Once I’m logged out of twitter, I can still get the twitter IMs on my Blackberry or just let them go to text messages.

    $55 in texting fees! Ouch. I’m surprised people don’t have unlimited text messaging nowadays but that seriously sucks.

  • the only kind of twitter I would sign up for is :
    even with $55 in text fees. that would be awesome.

  • @alexsandra

    He has account:

  • I just started on the web-crack myself, your right it’s adictive.

  • Gotta admit it.. I figures I “try” it over the holidays while I was off for a couple of weeks. Now I want to get a different phone so I can mobile Twitter better. I love for all the same reasons… and dislike it, too.

    See you in a couple of weeks?


  • I’m worried that we’re afraid to be alone with our thoughts, you know? And in no way is this some sort of cut on the above comments, its not; it’s just an observation that seems to be true with us. We’re unable to just “be.”

    “To gain control of the world of space is certainly one of our tasks. The danger begins when in gaining power in the realm of space we forfeit all aspirations in the realm of time. There is a realm of time where the goal is not to have but to be, not to own but to give, not to control but to share, not to subdue but to be in accord.”

    -Abraham Joshua Heschel, The Sabbath, 1951

  • I don’t need any more addictions….

    Dude, for real.

  • Hey Los ..
    HAve you tried

    Its kicking 2.o’s butt – I’m loving it!

    Paz ?

  • broseph. I have been “twittering” for a couple weeks now and still am not sure if I like it. I keep doing it though so I must right?

  • So if twitter is what we do now, what in the heck are our kids going to be doing?

  • @Brad – you don’t want to know.


  • i’m not witty or sarcastic enough for twitter…. maybe i will return to it someday haha.

  • *not saying all people on there are. just the more amusing ones to read. and i don’t know if this all came out how i intended hm.

  • I use Tumblr. Less frivolous and more content options. Plus, easy to post from phone or desktop or browser.

  • Ok. I’m following you now. You better be interesting. 😉