Well it happened.
We actually get to move all our furniture and “stuff” from Riverside, CA to Atlanta.
5 months after starting this amazing job, we have rented our house out in Riverside!!!
And a week later…
We have rented a house 11 minutes from Buckhead!!! (at 5 am)
God Still Moves
We actually are moving less than 2 miles from where we have been living with the Phenix clan.
5 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, LOTS OF SPACE!!!
So pack your bags for a trip to The ATL. We have 2 empty bedrooms and a bonus room downstairs you can all crash at.
Here are some pics from my iPhone I took today…
Img 0605
Img 0609
Img 0606Img 0607
Img 0608
Img 0601Img 0602
Img 0611
Img 0613
Img 0615
Img 0616
Img 0618Img 0619
Img 0628
Img 0630

Bring it don’t sing it.