Tuesdays are crazy.
The mornings take place in Alpharetta. At the mother ship campus.
I meet with Tyler and Julie at 715 AM for coffee and conversation.
Then I meet with Andy, Julie, and Tyler for about 2 hours.
Then we add a few more people to the mix for wide open creativity that lasts about an hour and a half.
By the time the afternoon hits my mind is pretty wiped out from creative/strategic thinking.
I love it but am ready to be “home”.
“Home” is Buckhead.
“Home” is my team.
I like to get off the escalator and visit all the offices and cubes and give hugs and conversation.
It refreshes me. It might annoy them, but it fuels me.
So I get off the elevator today and start my happy hugging hunt.
The cubes are somewhat empty…
I give out my hugs and go in search of the missing…
Go down to storage…Empty
Check the control room on level 2…Empty
Check the auditorium…Empty
Check the green rooms…Empty
Start heading towards the escalators and I hear some classic rock and “click click click” coming from above me.
As I make my way back to the 4th floor the music gets louder…
Now I hear LOTS of clicking…

Yesterday, during our all campus staff meeting, Andy mentioned that in early August we are going to have a 3 campus wide Rock Band contest on the HD center screen.
By the time I hit the top stair I knew…


I love my team.
You know what I say…
Work hard…
Play Hard…
They deserve a year of XBox play.
Love it here.