Photo 162
One of the benefits of having my middle child in preschool 4 floors below me is that since there is not lots of wide open spaces in the urban jungle that is Buckhead, the children use this building as their playground.
Was that a run on sentence?
Today was “Blue Day” in Waumba Land Preschool so the kids in Seanna’s class go around the offices on the first and fourth floors looking for “blue” items.
I think that was another run on.
Jeff and I had just finished with our morning meeting when I heard the pitter patter of little feet on my floor.
“It’s Blue Day!”, I thought.
So I ran to my office and grabbed a blue pillow and placed it on my head.
“I’m so silly”, I thought to myself. “What I great dad I am.”
I walked back out to the chaos that was my teams cubes.
“HEY SEANNA!!! LOOK AT YOUR DAD!!! HAHAHA!!!” All the kids were thinking I was rad.
Seanna – “Thats not my dad”
I kneeled down to her and whispered…”Hey baby. What’s on daddy’s head? Is it a blue pillow?”
“You’re not my daddy”, she said and snickered.
“Then who is your daddy?” I answered
“”Mr. Billy is my daddy. HAHAHA”
“Why is Mr. Billy your daddy?” – I’m digging deep now
“Because he doesn’t wear pillows on his head”

It’s time to move out.
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