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16 Bloggers.
8 Days of Blogging.
1 Country.
Using our sphere of influence to change lives forever.
Join with us as we collectively travel to Uganda to blog about what Compassion International is doing for children 365 days a year.
Join with the children as they see how many of YOU will sponsor THEM when 14 bloggers focus on one single purpose.
To help change lives.

Compassion International is taking a step of faith. In a ground breaking move, they have decided to fly 14 bloggers around the world to enact change from our keyboards.
Children will touch your lives through our blogs.
Children who need you.
We all know that Compassion International has done a great job spreading the word through different artists around the world.
An artist plays some music.
An artist speaks on what Compassion International does.
An artist asks his or her fans to sponsor children.
Children get sponsored.

Compassion International also realizes that over 3000 people a day grace the screen of Ragamuffin Soul. You are REAL people. Over 10,000 a day grace the screen of some other popular blogs.
Son on February 10th…we will meet in Chicago…get on a plane…fly to Uganda…focus on change.

The Bloggers
Evangelical Outpost
Family Research Counsil
BeliefNet – J-Walking
Chris Elrod
Ragamuffin Soul
Whittaker Woman
Rocks In My Dryer
Heartlight Magazine
HM – The Hard Music Magazine
Spence Smith
Brian Seay
Keely Scott

I have a feeling, we at Ragamuffin Soul, are about to be wrecked.
You In?

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