Picture 3-13
26. Loran Says:
Are you & your wife in a married small group?
How is it going?
What are you studying in your group right now?

Heather and I ARE NOT in a married small group. So it is not going well. Obviously since we are not in one. 😉 BUT!!! We are leading a Starting Point group which was the single greatest decision we made once we got settled. To engage with people who are not churchy and filled with lines from Passion CD’s on a weekly basis is in fact, essential.
We love it!!! And the Starting Point Curriculum. Hands down the best intro study I have ever seen. We look forward to getting into a married group after Starting Point is over.

57. Albee Says:
Tastes great or Less filling?
If it is your home made Albee Brew…Both

59. Jam Says:
How come you don’t answer my e-mails? LOL.
What emails?

23. Jason Says:
How are going to have time to answer all of these questions?
With Four Word Answers.

53. Chris Green Says:
How are you going to answer all of these?
See The Answer Above

25. connor Says:
How did you propose to Heather?
Will You Marry Me?
Just kidding…
This question has a post of it’s own coming…

21. Vince Says:
Beatles or Elvis?
Um…Who is Elvis?
135. Jam Says:

Hey Carlos disregard my first question. It was a joke anyway. I really want to know how do find out how many people are reading from RSS feeds? How do you find out how many people visit your site?

Do it.

104. Dale Best Says:
Can you ask your readers to come to my blog?
I’m absolutely flabbergasted at over 100 comments on one post in a matter of 6 hours.
OK everyone.

137. Carole Turner Says:
What is your nationality? Are you of mixed races?
I am gonna steel this post idea for my blog, thanks.
Mom is from Monterrey, Mexico.
Dad is from Colon, Panama.
How did a Panamanian get the last name Whittaker?
John Whittaker. Missionary from England to the Cayman Islands.
Showed up and was a missionary to most of the women on the island.
Thanks John. I appreciate my life.

Whew. That was actually quite fun.