Los1 Copy
39. Lucky Charms Says:
If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life, what would it be?
El Debarge – El Debarge

50. Crystal Renaud Says:
you know what i really wanna ask, and if you don’t, well… you’re not thinking hard enough. it has to do with a certain post you should be posting. lol.
a different question:
is that your favorite shirt? YES
how long have you had it? 9 Months I think
where did you get it? Metro Park
does it scare you when you look the mirror? No

49. Higoda Says:
Would you rather…
be able to stop time while you slept,
never need to do laundry?
Stop Time…’Cause my wife does my laundry.

64. whittakerwoman Says:
Will you go on a date with me?
Yes. Tomorrow Night. Me, You, and America. Let’s take a camera and take our bloggers with us.

77. alicia Says:
Do you feel like you’re at a junket right now?
I had no idea what a junket was until 30 seconds ago…
JUNKET – an excursion for the purpose of pleasure at public expense.

105. Dale Best Says:
Oh…and how’s life been since the vasectomy?
Did you ever find out if cranberries go good with nuts?
Life’s been good. Real Good. REAL GOOD.
And they go
great with nuts.

107. Mark Artrip Says:
if someone gave you 100,000 to use in ministry at your church tomorrow what would you do with it?
Send it to my homies over at Catalyst.

127. Zack Says:
Where does a California boy go for good tex-mex on the east side?
First of all. Tex-Mex is a sin.
Second of all. Tex-Mex is a sin.
Heather and I pride ourselves in authentic Mexican cuisine.
We have yet to find it in Atlanta.

128. Scott Williams Says:
LOL! My question is did I just see 127 comments before mine? That’s big pimpin’
Yes Scott. Big Pimpin’ Indeed.

1. JC Says:
If I had one night to spend in the Greater Atlanta area, where should I go?
You should know. Your name is Jesus Christ.
But if this is not You, then follow me here…
First of all I would start with dinner at
One Midtown Kitchen
I would follow that with drinks at The Warren in Virginia Highlands (Yes I know someone)
Then I would head over to
Eddie’s Attic for a night of good music.
Then, before hitting the sack at
Laurel Hill Bed & Breakfast, stop by The Waffle House for a Bacon Egg and Cheese Plate Scattered Well.

20 down, 130 to go…