These questions come from this post…
And here are the previous answers…

36. carolyn Says:
if i were to drive to atlanta, could i hang out with you for two working days and sit in behind the scenes for one of your sunday services?
(you said ask anything… 😀 )
(oh, yeah – i’d need someone’s floor to sleep on)
if that one backfires on me…. ummmm…
what is your favorite single thing in the whole world to do?
Do I really need to answer that question? 😉

35. Texas in Africa Says:
Do you ever wonder if your kids are learning that worship is about production values rather than about Jesus?
Nope. They have no idea what a production value is. When they come home from church they talk about Jesus and stuff. Not the lights.

45. JTCrespo Says:
When I put my socks in the wash, I know I put matching pairs in. Sometimes only one of the pair comes out.
Where did the other sock go and why doesn’t it ever come back?
Back in ‘nam, there was this guy named Chuck.
Chuck loves is socks. I mean really loved his socks.
Well one October morning the Viet Cong came and ambushed our squad. Chuck made it through the fire-fight but when he checked his bunk he realized that all his socks were gone. So Chuck went nuts. He disappeared.

100. Dustin Says:
Which question would be the best to save for last?
I like number 99. The one right before this one. I think it may be last.

129. Akash Says:
Outside the time limit…but why is your blog time zone still set to Pacific time?
I can’t totally go cold Turkey Akash. One step at a time.

115. David Trotter Says:
Would you like a free copy of “I WILL”? (
Um. Um. Yes. I’m always up for free swag

55. Rachel Says:
Do you own more pairs of shoes than your wife? (I know a few guys who put some girls to shame.)
I just counted. She has 27 pairs under the bed. I have 12.
She wins.

29. Esteban Says:
-What podcast do you follow, if any?
-What’s your favorite book?
The MacCast, This American Life, The Relevant Podcast, The Ragamuffin Soulcast.
Soon People. It will be back soon.
Book? Um. Probably
The Tipping Point. I have been through it like 3 times.

126. Mr. Police Man Says:
-Boxers or Briefs?
-Why do you wear that stupid skull shirt?
-Are men really better drivers then women?
-Best none church job you’ve ever had?
-Ever played 7 min. in heaven? Or Spin the bottle?
-Do you give 10% in tithe from Gross or Net? good question.
What is the one with the little string called?
Eeyore at Disney. Nothing better than a low growl with a kid next to you to freak them out at just the right time.
Yes. Yes. Anna Rinaldi was a dream. Or maybe it was a dream?
None of you bisnacks. 🙂

117. Jordanchez Says:
What do you do to keep innovative and creative, and not just following the mainstream or trends.
Everything is a trend. nothing is original. BUT. I think that authentic creativity within the church creates authentic culture outside the church. And that is my life call. To create culture outside of the church that was influenced by the creativity inside the church.

That is 60 questions.