Andy asked me a great question today.
“What one piece or part of Compassion International impacted you the most?”
Was it the projects? The Child Development? The Leadership Development?
I honestly thought it was the projects filled with all the children you and I sponsor.
I mean it was the most tangible piece of imagery I could share. It carried the most weight.
But after a day of mulling I am changing my answer.
I think it is the Compassion International Uganda Staff.
These guys are the heros who carry out the opportunity that our money gives.
They are the most self sacrificing group of human beings I have ever met.
The heros and heroines of the Uganda Program were the glue that held us together while we were there.
And they were represented on a daily basis to our team by Dennis.
And yes. How could Dennis spend 8 days with Technorati speaking bloggers without starting his own.
So Ragamuffins, May I introduce you to our hero…
Dsc 0273

This is the only picture I could find of him. He was always avoiding the camera but this is what we made him feel like every day. 😉
Go check out his blog and give him a big blog hug welcoming him to the blogosphere and thanking him for organizing our ENTIRE trip.
Yes. he set the whole thing in motion
Not bad for a 22 year old kid.