This is me.
Walk into a Jars of Clay (or insert Christian artist name) concert.
Hear great (or not so great) music.
Hear them talk about Compassion International.
Not be moved because I think they are rock stars and shocked when they go on Compassion trips because they are not like you and I.
See the pictures of the kids outside and think someone else will sponsor them.
Go home after stopping at Starbucks and drinking 2 weeks of wages those kids parents make.

That is just me. Not you. But that was my calloused way of thinking.
I could not have been more wrong.

Now you guys are reading the words of people just like you.
Anne, Sophie, Heather, Spence, Keely. Me.

These kids are as real as the ones you live with or hold in the nursery at Flip Flops or Waumba Land.
But they are being held by their 5 year old sibling.
This is real.
Kids are being rescued and nurtured.
You are those rescuers.
Sponsor a child here.
Share your child here.

Share your thoughts of Compassion before and after this trip here.